We manufacture the fabric part of automatic fire curtains.

CT Insulations manufacture automatic fire and smoke curtains which are mainly used for emergency situations in public areas. These curtains are generally concealed in the ceiling space and either drop by gravity or are powered down.

The fabric used for the curtains depends upon the rating required and we can supply curtains to comply with one to four hour ratings.

About automatic fire curtains

Automatic fire and smoke curtains are used in places like shopping centres such as Meadow Hall, Trafford Centre, White Rose and large department stores. These are hidden in the roof spaces and are automatically lowered when the fire alarm is activated.

Shopping centres utilise automatic fire curtains to contain fires and save lives.

Fire and smoke curtains can be dropped to various heights, i.e. some are dropped to 6ft from ground level to allow people to pass underneath them.

Other curtains can be designed to drop to the ground to close off an area. There are some that drop part of the way for a specified time and then fully drop to ground level.

Most of the fire curtains are free hanging, but others are used in doorways and are dropped within a guide that runs down the sides of the doorway to seal an area to contain smoke or fire.

Our fire curtains and fire protection blankets have been exported to Europe and beyond, including Dubai and Saudi Arabia.